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Back to reality.

After finishing my dissertation a couple of weeks ago, I have to say I’m surprised at how I feel. For the month before the deadline, I couldn’t wait to finish. I just wanted it to go. I had read countless memoirs, information texts and war crimes about the Far East and I felt like it… Continue reading Back to reality.

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Easy peasy tomato soup. 

Today felt like autumn was well and truly on its way. Grey, dull and a bit chilly, and weather like that makes you want to curl up on the sofa under a blanket to binge watch a TV series! It also makes you want to eat warming and comforting food! I've just had six weeks… Continue reading Easy peasy tomato soup. 

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Scrums, Mauls and Rucks – A few things I have learned…

Up until around six weeks ago I had only ever watched a handful of premiership games, European cup games and international’s. And these were all sitting at home, confused about why a scrum was being given or what a ruck even was. I could only remember what a few of the positions were called and… Continue reading Scrums, Mauls and Rucks – A few things I have learned…

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School’s out for the summer!

So we’re now into the third week of the summer holidays and it has flown by already! I haven’t written a blog post for a while, mainly because I have felt unsure what to write about! Having no children myself makes the summer break relaxing, but also long as I have to think of things… Continue reading School’s out for the summer!

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It’s all about the little things…

Recently, my perspective on life has changed quite dramatically. I have always been a worrier and it had started to really drag me down and look for the negatives in everything or for things that could go wrong, rather than what could go right. It was not getting me anywhere, and from my previous post… Continue reading It’s all about the little things…