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Books & holidays.

What I've been reading in Mallorca!

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Feeling lighter…

Just a ramble about writing science fiction, assignments and one of the pieces I submitted!

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Here are a few of my favourite things…

And by things I mean books. Although I do want to burst into song and pretend that I'm Maria from The Sound of Music (but I'll save that for another day). Today I got asked what my favourite book of all time is and if I could only read one book for the rest of… Continue reading Here are a few of my favourite things…

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Who I am and why I’m here

  More about me Hi! My name is Gemma, I’m 27 years old, English Lit grad, aspiring teacher, hopeful of being a journalist and new to blogging! I am all about being honest and not beating around the bush, particularly with my own opinion. I feel a lot of frustration with the way the world… Continue reading Who I am and why I’m here