Lost Words: Beyond The Page

New job role and help needed!

So this is an unusual post for me. I’m actually after some advice/ help. About a month ago I started a new marketing and PR job for an indie game in Colchester and my role is to promote the game and gain new followers on social media. I’ve been testing out some new platforms and although some are effective, I want to do more to grow the network! 

I’m not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination. I haven’t owned a console for a few years and the games I do play are either on my phone or iPad. So there are many things that I have no clue about! As much as I read about other game developers, indie games and new ones that are coming out, I am finding it hard to decipher which ones are the best ones and most popular! That’s where I’m appealing for your help. Are there any indie games you like playing, or have found it to be better than a ‘mainstream’ game? 

The game I am working with is truly brilliant – I realise it looks like I have to say that, but I looked at the trailer for the game before I applied for the role and if I didn’t like the look of it, I wouldn’t have been able to pretend as I believe I have too much integrity to do that. It has been developed by a small team of 11 who are mostly freelances and work on the game part time. It has been in development since 2015, but Mark (the Creative Director) first had the idea 5 years ago at a game jam. 

His passion for it is second to none and you would struggle to find anyone else who would put their heart and soul into one project – I often wonder if the man ever sleeps! You can watch the trailer for it here. As you can see it is a unique concept and aesthetically stunning. It is due for release next year and has been picked up by American games publisher, Modus. 

We started a community Discord last week for the game and anyone is welcome to join, so my first thing is, if you like gaming, please check out the trailer and come and join us. My second thing is, are there any good discord groups that you belong to and aren’t just full of general chit-chat? I’ve already left a couple as it was too much like a Reddit with so many people commenting on things that had nothing to do with the game. My final request is that if you are on Twitter and you like gaming, give us a follow to see the beautiful art that has been created for the game. 


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