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Who I am and why I’m here


More about me

Hi! My name is Gemma, I’m 27 years old, English Lit grad, aspiring teacher, hopeful of being a journalist and new to blogging! I am all about being honest and not beating around the bush, particularly with my own opinion. I feel a lot of frustration with the way the world is today as everything is fake, expensive and dramatized. Natural beauty (in all things) has no place in the world now and hobbies that were once considered great art forms and talents are now used in generic ways, hold no worth and the world has lost all appreciation for them.

People should read my blog as it is (in my opinion) straight to the point and offers a black and white view to the world we live in – strictly no shades of grey! I am blogging publically because I have always avoided putting myself out there in all forms of life and I need to build up my confidence and to have faith in myself.

I have already published four blog posts but I am hoping by doing this I can gain some followers and to get some people interested in my writing. My posts thus far have included ideas around social media and how it is, potentially, a tool that runs our life; how girls spend so much money on make-up that they no longer look like themselves and try to be someone they’re not and also how online dating has made it even more difficult to meet someone as we are too scared to give ourselves away.

I have a huge amount of love for reading and writing. I think they are excellent ways to expand your knowledge, explore your imagination and to express yourself if you can’t do it in words or if you have kept yourself hidden away. They are among the topics I am interested in as well as problems in the world – not necessarily things that are in the news – everything that has contributed to the way the world is today.

I would like to be a journalist and I like to think I have analytical views which are to the point, slightly witty and truthful. I would like someone to notice my blog and to see potential in my work and myself as I’m serving myself up on a plate. I am hoping someone will offer me an olive branch in a year or so and publish one of my blog posts.


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