Me, myself and I

50 Facts about me!


I love being nosey on other pages so I think it’s only fair to give a bit of myself away…

  1. I turn 28 in August (gulp!), but I feel I should be turning 23.
  2. I am a huge sports fan and support Chelsea FC.
  3. I graduated last July with a 2.1 in English Literature.Graduation
  4. I love reading! I think it is a very underrated hobby and many imaginations are underused!
  5. I want to be a journalist.
  6. I love visiting new places and experiencing new things.
  7. My boyfriend is my world and makes me extremely happy. He is also my best friend. Me and Oli
  8. My guilty pleasure is Made in Chelsea.
  9. I adore food – cooking it, eating it. I detest bland, boring food.
  10. French food is my number 1 cuisine.
  11. My second favourite is anything spicy – Thai/ Indian/ Mexican/ Chinese
  12. My third is Italian.
  13. The worst book I have ever read is Moby Dick. Should not be defined as a classic in my opinion.
  14. I love a lazy day and chilling in PJ’s.
  15. I hate black pepper more than anything.
  16. I am obsessed with Paperchase and everything in it.
  17. I love anything floral – pens/ notebooks/ clothes: you name it, I’ve probably got it. floral pattern
  18. My two year niece is the biggest ray of sunshine.
  19. I despise horror films – what’s the point of them?
  20. I love writing a to-do list and then crossing things off them. It’s very satisfying.
  21. I work in a primary school and having 13 weeks holiday a year is pretty awesome!
  22. I used to work in retail. Having weekends off is the best feeling after working them for 10 years!
  23. My biggest fear used to be cats – but I am slowly conquering that fear.
  24. I love, love, love penguins!
  25. The only piece of jewellery I wear and in fact like is my Pandora bracelet.
  26. I have my nose, belly button and ears pierced – but no tattoos.
  27. I love being in airports and the excitement it brings to everyone.
  28. I love anything vintage or that looks vintage.
  29. I swear too much – although not as much as I did when I worked in retail.
  30. Crisps are my favourite snack. I do not have a sweet tooth.
  31. I love a classic, romance novel. I am a typical Lit graduate.
  32. Graduating is my biggest achievement to date and I am proud I went back to uni at 24 to do it.
  33. I refuse to eat cheap food. I am a food snob.
  34. My favourite drink is fresh orange juice.
  35. I am a huge impulse buyer, it doesn’t take much to convince me to buy something or to justify buying it.
  36. One of my favourite things to do is to get lost in a great book with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. cup of tea and a book
  37. I will always find a reason to purchase a new notebook.
  38. I handwrite everything first – traditional in that sense. Plus you always have a copy when technology will inevitably let you down.
  39. I fail to understand why people spend so much money on make-up.
  40. I want to live in a cottage in the countryside.
  41. I have very little self-confidence. Something I desperately want to change. Believing in yourself can be the biggest motivator.
  42. My boyfriend knows me better than I know myself and I am very lucky to have him.
  43. I am short tempered, impatient and get frustrated easily.
  44. I will always push myself and if I want something, I will not stop until I get it or achieve it.
  45. I believe you should always set yourself goals throughout the year. Never become complacent.
  46. The best meal I have ever had was at ‘Marcus Wareing: At the Berkeley’.
  47. I hate going out drinking – give me a nice meal or a cosy night in any day.
  48. I love reading crime and thriller’s.
  49. I didn’t have a holiday for two years when I was at uni, but in the space of four months I have been to Spain, Sweden, Italy and Holland.
  50. I hate slow drivers.

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