Social media

How much of an impact has social media had on our lives?

  Do we use the internet to live a life we want to live? By definition, a social network website is β€œa phrase used to describe any website that enables users to create public profiles within that website and form relationships with other users of the same website who access their profile”[1]. Most people use… Continue reading How much of an impact has social media had on our lives?

Online dating

Online dating

The way to meet a spouse today has changed dramatically in the last ten years or so. Most single people now will not go out looking for their β€˜soul mate’ or even for a partner, instead they prefer to delve into the innovative world of online dating. There are countless sites one can go on… Continue reading Online dating

Make up

To Make up or not to Make up? That is the question…

Make up for women is part of everyday life - however it has become a billion pound industry - one that must make the third world cringe and feel baffled by our obsession with it. The amount of money spent on beauty products should make the entire first world feel ashamed. Particularly when we moan about needing our eyebrows shaped or waxed, or Mac running out of a specific lipstick.